Abeer Mikhail
The Catering Co. Kitchen
I was completely impressed , I expected something good but found something really outstanding !! congratulation on one distinguished project . U will make life easier for a lot of women for sure . 
I had my first delivery from u yesterday and I can say it was delicious , portions are very generous homemade taste as if my mama was cooking .
I will recommend u to all my friends especially that the prices is very reasonable may be cheaper than cooking at home  
Now I can travel with no worries about what to eat .
Thank u
Macrina Raymond Megaly
Why The Catering Co. Kitchen ???
Bcz simply it combines the best qualities of several places in only one place... 
1-U can go make ur own salad or sandwich for breakfast ....get ur coffee, latte, espresso or whatever kind of beverage u want....get a donut , cupcake , eclair in a friendly & relaxed ambience
2-The biggest collection of the best in French , Italian or even Egyptian cuisines for lunch for u 2 pick...
3-So many Deserts that I don't know where to start but get this.....PURE Belgian chocolates that make u feel in heaven when melted in ur mouth....
4-Pastries that u would find only in the best French restaurants ....in France
5-All of that done in their open kitchen where u can observe ur food while being done...& they can even give u a tour if u want
*Don't feel like going out....they deliver for big orders or even a sandwich
*Special menus for parties & special events 
* extremely friendly & helpful stuff
Tho in a relatively crowded area...they'll help u to park easily 
Try it ....you won't regret it....
Ramy Attia

Ladies and gentlemen if you don't have time to cook or prepare anything for lunch or dinner , a single person who's lazy to cook ......here you go the best taste .....ready made or a la minute choose whatever you like from the menu .....reasonable prices excellent taste ......they deliver too...enjoy your meal
A Thank you word from the AUC,

“Dear Doaa,

The food and service were excellent. Thank you for coordinating the details with me. I will recommend your business to many people in Cairo. I wish you continued success and hope to have an occasion to hire you again in the near future.

AUC teaching staff”
“Dear Miss Doaa, 
                I hope this email finds you well. I am sending this email to inform you about SU Real life general meeting's feedback. The event was a great success. All of the attendees were extremely satisfied after tasting the delicious meals that you provided us. They said that it would be great if we had this high quality of food available all the time on campus. 

      Samer Salem the chair of the Student Union's public services said that both the quality and quantity of food were excellent. He also promised us that starting from today he will proceed in the steps of giving you the SU Cafe for two days according to the deal we have already set with you.  
        It is our pleasure to deal with you, as all what you have provided us exceeded our expectations. 

Best regards,
Ahmed El-Tahan”

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