About us
We are a catering company established under the umbrella of “Etapes Nouvelle Egypte Voyages", a leader tourism company working in Egypt since 1999. It used to handle the French Market with the largest number of French tourists annually. Etapes Nouvelles has welcomed 1500-2000 tourists per week for the past years, reaching more than 1.7 million tourists since it’s opening.  In the years of 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 Etapes Nouvelles was one of the top five travels newly established agencies in Egypt and continues to be in the leading top 20, according to the Egyptian ministry of tourism report. Etapes Nouvelles currently owns and operates four different floating hotels: “Beau Rivage I, II, MS Voyager, and the luxurious Le Fayan”. Etapes Nouvelles also has a great experience in managing hotels, such as Hotel club Marmara at Hurgada and Hotel Club Marmara at Taba from the years 2004 to 2013. We also own and operate two red sea boats (Ertan and Kemaloglu).  Etapes Nouvelles has operating branches in: Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Hurgada, Taba and Sharm El Sheikh thus offering tourists different excursions in these cities and others. Etapes Nouvelles provides any visitor with the ease and comfort of car rental facilities at their convenience. In addition, Etapes Nouvelles has an outgoing department, which provides different services and packages for individuals and groups. Our team has specialized in European circuits for groups’ trips.

 Etapes Nouvelles Egypte Voyage is the mother company of Etapes Nouvelles for Tourism, Etapes Nouvelles for Hotels and Touristic villages, Imperial Cruising Company, Royal French (Beau Rivage I Nile cruise), Palace Nile Cruise (Beau Rivage II Nile cruise),Izadora Nile Cruise (Le Fayan Nile Cruise) and Etapes Nouvelles Egypt for Yachts ( Ertan and Kemaloglu).
“Etapes nouvelles for restaurants management and catering” decided to use all this expertise in producing a large quantity of food with high hoteliers standard of quality and hygiene and launched a new division for individual and corporate catering “The catering co. Kitchen”. For years, we have served different nationalities and different cuisines and so we offer a wide selection of food that suits different tastes and different budgets for individuals, families and occasions.

Who we are ?

Naguib Hafez Soliman

Chairman of "Etapes Nouvelle Egypte Voyages"

 He is an entrepreneur who started his company Etapes Nouvelle Egypte Voyages in 1999. His leader tourism company handled the French market for years with the largest number of French tourists annually, reaching more than 1.7 million tourists since it’s opening.    
He currently operates four different floating five stars hotels, Beau Rivage I, II, MS Voyager, and the luxurious “Le Fayan”.
EtapesNouvellesalso has a great experience in managing hotels, including several hotel club resorts. He also owns and operates two red sea boats (Ertan and Kemaloglu). In addition, EtapesNouvelles has an outgoing department and an operating branch in: Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, Taba and Sharm El Sheikh.    

In the years of 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 EtapesNouvelles was considered to be one of the first five travel newly established agencies in Egypt and continues to be in the leading top 20, according to the Egyptian ministry of tourism report. 

Our new company “Etapesnouvelles for restaurants management and catering” is now launching a new division for individual and corporate catering “The catering co. Kitchen”.
Youssef  Naguib

Vice President of  Etapes Nouvelles Egypte Voyage

C.E.O of  The Catering co Kitchen 

An entrepreneur by nature, he holds a bachelor degree from the American University in Cairo in business administration with concentration on finance and Awarded with AUC outstanding academic achievement highest honors.
 Youssef is the Vice President of EtapesNouvellesEgypte Voyage as well as the C.E.O of the Catering co Kitchen. He is true visionary that sought to expand from the tourism business into catering and restaurant business. Always willing to take risk, exercising initiative, taking advantage of market opportunities by planning, organizing, and employing resources, often by innovating new or improving existing products. He worked on reshaping what he thought was a desperate need in the food market. He is a generator of new ideas and business processes, always looking to improve, grow, and flourish business around him.He constantly see life through a lens of what things can BECOME rather than what they ARE..
Our mission

We aim to be the number one provider of food for homes, corporate or any event by establishing a long term relationship with our customers who value the home cooking taste and cleanliness within a cadre of creativity from the Egyptian to international cuisine.
Our vision

We value hygiene, quality and flexibility. We want to achieve our mission by working constantly on our values and always improving them. This means consistency in hygiene, taste and quality. We will always be flexible and willing to adapt to our customers’ needs. We work on being part of our customers’ regular routine life as well as adding value to our co makers and business partners.
International Expansion
The Catering Co. Kitchen has successfully served the end user needs; it also went fulfilling the corporate headquarters’ needs and it now went even further to a larger scale. We signed a preliminary agreement with CIS “Catering International & Services”. CIS is international French based catering company that works on a larger scale and provides catering and hotel services for the major oil, mining, factories and public works industry companies present throughout the world, often under hard climatic, environmental and political conditions with the highest quality of life in their on-site day-to-day life. They provide housekeeping for accommodations, collection, laundry and ironing of room linen, work wear and personal effects, computerized reception services and other general activities. The Catering Co Kitchen is set work closely with CIS to satisfy the catering needs of this large-scale market. Etapes Nouvelles has taken stability and growth as key factors for its success as throughout the years it’s been expanding, seeking and capitalizing on potential and success.

We are confident

We are confident of our hygienic procedures in food making and thus our kitchen is open and exposed to our clients who are able to watch the process of cooking and how our business operates. The Catering Co Kitchen is constantly audited by Cristal and working based on HACCP regulations. Etapes Nouvelles is a longtime partner with Cristal since years and in all its operated entities, it always worked carefully following HACCP regulations.  We also think highly of our packing, as all our frozen food is packed in safe microwavable certified boxes.

What do we offer?

We offer salads, sandwiches, cooked meals, frozen meals, finger food, bakery, pastry salt and sweet, chocolates, beverages either deliver or to go. We do deliver anywhere and anytime. 

We Cater

We cater home needs, lunchboxes, parties, birthdays, baby showers, cocktail receptions, engagements, and weddings. We also cater kindergartens, schools, universities, clubs, coffee breaks, staff meals in the premises, lunch breaks delivery order, corporate banquets. 

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